Saturday, August 15, 2009

..hepy besday!!!...

..14th August 2009..

..wishing hepy 20th bestday to my beloved ren, mohd suhaimi..

..he got free call n yeah, same as last year, he did call us...

..thnks 4 ur concern i do hope our best friendship will be going smoothly..

..well, we have been frens for 5 years since our secondary school..

..he used to be my classmate in class 4 & 5 teknologi maklumat (TM)..

..i'm really sure we having a perfect time together with others so-called true friends..

..suhaimi, tikah, huda, hajar..

..i miss all of u damn much!!...damn much..

..see u soon n dnt forget our 'konvoi hari raye'...hehehe...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


..dye lagi..
..x serik2 ke?..
..blah la weh..
..tensen ah!..