Friday, January 22, 2010

A D E H ! !

Fuh, huh, heh, hoh, ek, ok. Ape motif? X de. Heee.. Cume saya sgt2 lah tension skrg. Dgn keje yg melambak. I got assignment from almost every subjects. Hoh? Act, we gonna have our mid term break starting from tomorrow. A week of holiday, supposely I'm going home with full of happiness, kire bwk bdn je la, x de nk bwk balik buku ke, notes ke. Tapi, lecturers ni terlalu sayang kan kteorg smpai time cuti pon, mereka2 bg assignment. And must be submitted straight after the break. Agaknye tak nak bg kami lupe kan subjek tu kot. Kene sentiase bawak ke mne2. Heh! X pe lah. Adat la jd student kan?

Agenda cuti ni :
- Hafal doa2 yg akak study circle suruh.
-Siapkan lesson plan utk subject cocuriculum.
-Complete mid term phonology and submit kan.
-Cari sources and points utk presentation Historical.
-Blog utk subjek IT.
-Siap kan assignment literature (literary device)

* Hee.. percaya ke saya nak wat sume2 ni? Haha.. Ntah2 nanti asyik makan, tgk tv, melepak, tido je. Biase lah dah dok umah ni, nak enjoy je keje. Ish3. Ape mau jd dgn saya ni.. Ok2, saya nak jd rajen. Saya suke jadi rajen. Ecececeh! Hopefully saya mampu siapkan sume ni. Orait! Cik ika bole!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

P A H A M-kah aku?

FAHAM, or in the other word, UNDERSTAND. Due to some reason, I think that I really need to explore what it means by 'UNDERSTAND'. Do I really understand a word 'understand'? *sigh*  Perlu ke saya look out its meaning in Oxford dictionary? See! So, sememangnye, saya x de skill dlm bab2 memahami org ni. But, sometimes kite cube memahami org tu, tapi dye langsung x paham kite. Or may be they dont even try. I dunno nor realize why I cannot understand those situations, those crap! Entah. Saya da cube, I am hardly try, but the result is still the same. Saya yg x paham or beliau yg x paham saya? Beliau? Biarkan~

Check out this song - Thats when I love you, by Aslyn- and explore its underlying meaning. Antara lyrics nye, I love you just that way. Mampu kah kite jd mcm that girl in this song? Saya? Opsss.. Sorry, I cant. Tak mampu lah.

c i n t a : ? ? ?
nothing to say~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

L E L A K I itu . .

Last few days, a friend of mine told me that she & her bf already broke up. Hah? Unexpected cause they seems like a lovely couple forever n whatsoever lah!  Well, we cant predict our future kan? So, I hope she have a strong heart to go on with her life, and she did! Ok, that's not the point. After days, she told me that her ex-bf, already date with someone else! Huh? What the??? Geram sungguh. My friend ni sebok2 la sedey2 kan, but that guy bersuka ria je rupenye. Hmmm.. I feel sorry for her, but, what can I do? Just be a good listener je lah. She need someone to talk to, and I'll be there. Always. Promise.

Tibe2 plak teringat my past love story. Ceritanye lebih kurang je. Another girl come up and destroy a relationship that we built. Huh. Tapi kan, I dont think that a word 'perampas' tu wujud. Mungkin jugak salah manusia (i mean, our partner) tu yg sgt mengade sampai hati bole berubah. Kan? Cause if they love us so much, dyorg ni x kan berubah hati biar lah pompuan cantek mnepon menjelma. Penat saya menangis, saya mengharap, hope that he will come back to me. Bodo kan saya? Saya tggu dye. Tunggu. Tunggu, dan tunggu lagi. Lama. Lama sgt. Dye x dtg2. Jahatnye. Jahat sgt..Ok, enough with this. No more pain. Yes, time is a great healer. It almost 3 years dah pon, and I already forget him. Forget ok, not forgive. I have a new life now. Far away from him.

Ok, and my friend tuh akhirnye sedar yg dye x sepatutnye sedey lagi mcm dulu. Betoi2. Bagus! Currently she seems happy and try to erase all past memories. Setuju! Life must go on kan? Biarkan mereka. Jgn amek peduli. There must be someone else who meant to be yours. Jgn risau.

c i n t a : l a w a t a n

Haaa, last saturday hari tuh, me, farah, hana, and hawa pegi upnm. Melawat our lovers nih. Beli banyak2 makanan utk dyorg. Best! Hehe.. Dan what the most happening is, I meet my new friends. Hana and Hawa. Act, x de la baru sgt kami jd kwn, da lme da. Almost 1 year. Tapi ni baru 1st time jumpe. Hee.. Tapi kami sgt kecoh mcm kwn lame n da bese jmpe plak. Soo... happening! Kami berempat masing2 melawat en.askar kami, En.Hifzan, Azizul, Hasnul and Fikri. Dan, hopefully lps ni kteorg bole jmpe lagi. =)

En.askar saya always remind me : dont forget to write about us. Eeee.. Ngade2 nye. Gedik lah! Hehe.. Act,  there's nothing much to say bout us, but I truly hope that after all the pain that I've gone through, he is the last one for me. InsyaALLAH. I've done enough. Please, dont give me pain anymore.Thanks for always being by my side, en.hifzan.  =)

He's now trying so hard to get fit as required by upnm. No more rice : welcome vegetarian! He's starving. I know that. That's nothing much i can do. Opss.. ade2. He ask me to cook 'something' so that he can eat it with bread.  Hanya tu je yg mampu. Aduh, kesiannye. Nway, ika hearts you, hifzan. And miss u badly.
Love ya!

-farah, awe, ika, hana-

-kami lah-

-en.hifzan & cik ika-

Thursday, January 7, 2010

B L U R as M E . . .

Dunno why, entah kenapa mood aku unstable sejak 2, 3 hari ni. Maybe I should calm down and do the right thing ever - muhasabah diri. I am currently seriously-not-satisfied with my own achievement. Yeah, I know I can do better, but I dont. Tuhan tgh uji saya. Untuk ape? Hanya Dia yang tahu.

And as usual, all my anger, sadness, happiness, exciting, and all the those things that happened to me, I told him. Thanks to En.Hifzan. Bak kata beliau, renung balik ape salah kte pada ALLAH, kte ade wat salah dgn Dia ke? Mungkin. Oh, no! Mesti ade pnye kan! So, muhasabah diri, ingt salah kte pada Dia, sbb tu Dia uji kte. Errmm.. Now I realize I really NEED to, i mean, HAVE to muhasabah diri lah. Masa ni lah nak utk kte redem balik all past mistakes. I'm improving myself, I am. Seriously, I will.

Study pulak? Huh! Ter-sangat-lah tension. Memanjang sje kuiz. Adeh. Sem lps x de la pulak cmni. *sigh* Entah lah! Sem ni agk susah bagi saya. Subjek pon banyak dari sem lepas. Petang td kuiz, esok plak 1 kuiz n 1 presentation. Next week submit asssignment lagi. Busy, busy, busy dan busy lagi!

Hope : Semoga saya bertahan. Semoga saya dpt banggakan mak n ayah saya lg. Tamau tensen2,  tamau sedey2  lagi. Nak blaja rajen2. Jaga hati org laen, jge hati diri sendiri. Streghten relationships dgn mereka2 sume. Dekatkan diri dgn ALLAH. Pray for me. Time kaseh.

Love ya!